Welcome to Paprika Knives

Welcome to Paprika Knives

About Our Knives

Outdoors Knives

Our custom field knives are hand made one at the time in our workshop. They are sought after by knife enthusiasts, collectors and outdoor adventurers for their beauty and simplicity in form and function. 

Woodworking Tools

We offer a range of quality woodworking tools for hobbyist and professionals alike.

Kitchen Knives

We offer a range of individually hand-crafted, Japanese and European inspired kitchen knives which are as aesthetically pleasing as functional in hard everyday use. 

About the Cutler


My name is Ferenc Petho

I'm an Australian Cutler from the beautiful Mid North Coast of New South Wales. 

My Philosophy and vision in a nutshell


Knives always fascinated me.
The versatility, functionality of one of Mankind's oldest tool is enormous.
Show me another tool that exists in so many different forms, unique to each geographic region and task at hand and lends itself to so much artistic input from the artisan.

 I hand make all my knives with a one at the time attention.  Old fashioned craftsmanship and lasting quality in my approach, with aesthetic simplicity in form and function in mind.   I just love to use and study traditional Scandinavian, Japanese and some tribal edged tools for that very reason.  I've always gravitated towards creative activities inspired by the natural beauty of our world. The patient and skillful creation, the guided harmony of the "Zen" garden just sums it up for me.

I strive to design and create the best, unique and individual knives that I can, cutting tools my customers are proud to use and own. 

The journey


From a young age I've had loads of ideas what I would do when I grow up. The main thing was to design something and create it with my hands.

Around the year 2000, while I was admiring a knife that I couldn't afford at a show in Sydney, I had a brilliant thought… “I could make one of those... I have an engineering trade, I can work with steel... how hard can it be?! …it's only a knife after all”
My unintentional arrogance did bite me in the back side indeed.
For a while I was creating my own scrap metal industry with all the things that didn't quite work out to my  "how hard can it be" plan.
After loads of research and practice, some more practice and reading, reading...practice...practice... things started getting better and better...
Finally I was making functional cutting tools.
All this knowledge I was gaining lead to more and more things I wanted to know.
The different arts and crafts that can be incorporated with a piece of " boring old steel"
I started dabbing into, jewelry making, woodworking, carving, metal clay, acid etching, enameling, leather work...the possibilities are endless...and that's what drives me the most.
My youngest son asked me once
- Why do You like working on knives so much Dad?

-Because of the combination and fine balance of science and art needed to build a knife, the things I had to learn to get here, and all the knowledge that I'm yet to gain. It's a journey for me. - I answered.

Thank you for taking interest in my passion..


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